Empowering Voices

September 12 – October 10, 2020

Press Release

Lucy Lacoste Gallery announces the upcoming group exhibition, Empowering Voices, September 12th - October 10th, 2020.  This exhibition brings together artists of color, four of whom are represented by LLG and an additional four young, underrepresented artists, each invited by a represented artist. This exhibition is in response to the racial injustices that, while always present, have been brought to wider awareness by the protests after George Floyd’s murder. As a gallery, we want to expand our platform to include greater diversity in artists and content to more fully represent this new reality.  Art is a reflection of culture and history; thus, we want to show the art of those with lived experiences who are leading the way to human rights for all.


Represented Artists: Natalia Arbelaez , Ashwini Bhat, Paul S. Briggs, & Renata Cassiano Alvarez

Invited Artists: Gerald Brown, Aaron Caldwell , Sydnie Jimenez, & Anthony Kascak

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