My work arises from direct physical interaction with the material qualities of clay expressing the forces and flows of nature.A necessity of making like this is to enter a dance or conversation with clay where its material qualities make a significant contribution to the process and outcome. There is a kind of thinking and knowing that is done by the body that cannot be articulated in words. The pieces here are a telling of the journey of my material exploration. It is told using the language of making from the inside, expressed in a visual vocabulary.The resulting work captures the energy and motion of the natural environment. It also tells of weathering and erosion of natural and ancient structures and artefacts.


Sandy Lockwood has been working with clay, wood-firing and salt-glazing since 1980. Her ceramic works have been widely exhibited and are represented in public and private collections in Australia, UK, USA, Europe, Korea, China and Japan. Her work has been published in journals and books and she has been a presenter at many conferences internationally. She holds a PhD and is currently a lecturer at the National Art School, Sydney.

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